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YIN congratulates the winners of the Student Cabinet Ministry |

Leadership Development Programme

India has the largest youth population in the world; more than 50% of its population is below the age of 25. The youth can play a very important a role in changing and shaping the future of this economy. It is the youth that can help transform our country from a developing nation, to a developed nation. Youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but also the partners of today.

Today, the young population of India desires for a nation free of poverty, unemployment and inequality. Keeping this objective in mind, the Young Inspirators Network (YIN) has come up with an initiative – Leadership Development Programme (LDP). This programme aims at nurturing young minds, mentoring them and making them socially responsible. It will also help to bridge the gap between the society and government by creating young and dynamic leaders for Nation Development. LDP will nurture young minds to become socially responsible leaders in diverse fields, like Business, Politics, Arts, Science, Medicine, etc.

The youth play a vital role in societal transformation in today’s times and their participation is imperative. Our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) will enable everyone to contribute to the best of their capacity and ability. It will bring them together and help to mould a nation for a better tomorrow. The Young Inspirations Network (YIN) also salutes all the youth who have made an effort to make a difference in the past.


Conduct a Leadership Development Programme (LDP) to create leaders, who will serve as a bridge between society and government by taking up nation development projects.


To identify Student Leaders through election and selection, and help them become catalysts for academic, personal, professional and societal change by participating themselves and rallying others in various nation building projects.


To put young minds at the centre-stage of nation building by creating a system that gives them experiential learning and makes their voice heard by society at large.

The Process

The students from various colleges across Maharashtra will choose representatives of their choice to lead them in various fields under the Leadership Development Programme (LDP). These representatives will be trained by YIN to become effective leaders in various fields of Business, Politics, Arts, Science, Medicine, etc. The representatives will further raise the voices and opinions of these youngsters in front of authorities of the College Management, Government bodies and Society.

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The Importance of LDP – Background

  • Implementation done “by the Students, for the Students”
  • Complete transparency.
  • No Political connotations.
  • Students learned the complete process of elections.
  • 80% students cast their Votes for the First time.
  • Winners and runner-up will be working together on projects as a team with a healthy competitive spirit.
  • LDP empowers youth with vital skills to become effective leaders.


YIN Conducts the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) in various colleges across Maharashtra

Student Cabinet Training Workshop

Post the second phase of voting in the Leadership Development Programme, a three-day student Cabinet training workshop was organized by the YIN Student Ministry at Yashwantrao Chavan Centre near the Mantralaya (the administrative headquarters of the state government of Maharashtra) in Mumbai, India. The event was graced by the presence of various dignitaries including Mr. Ramraje Naik Nimbalkar, Speaker, Maharashtra State Assembly; Mr. Vasant Davkhare, Deputy Speaker; Mr Prithviraj Chavan, Former Chief Minister; Mr. Abhijit Pawar, Founder & Chairman, Delivering Change Foundation; and Mrs. Shaina NC, Spokesperson, BJP among others.

The workshop received an overwhelming response from students who participated in this first-of-its-kind initiative that aimed at addressing the problems of the youth and a discussion of possible solutions. The elected YIN Leaders were trained in various fields of politics, economics, social work, entertainment and business under the guidance of experts during this three-day conference. Experts from different fields were invited to conduct a number of workshops and training sessions to guide the youth.


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YIN congratulates the winners of the YIN Ministry Workshop!
YIN congratulates the Guardian Ministers!

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Post the three-day Student Cabinet Training Workshop, a panel of Sector experts will be formed by YIN . The experts will introduce these select candidates to various Ministers, Govt. Departments and SMEs, who will also guide them in creating a docket with sector analysis, surveys and future steps. The Young Inspirators Network (YIN) in association with their media partner the Sakal Media Group will analyse the docket and will help them present the same in front of the actual ministers of the respective portfolio. YIN Ministry sessions will be conducted twice a year to address issues, discuss possible solutions and address the YIN ministry with case studies. A yearly work record and roster would also be maintained for each Minister of the respective sector. The YIN Ministry would act as a liaison between students and local, district and state authorities.
Stay tuned for more updates on LDP!

Leadership Development Programme – Phase 2

The LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (LDP)- Phase 2, received a terrific response from the students all over Maharashtra. The students participated & voted to create dynamic leaders across the State. This initiative not only aimed at selecting the best leaders but also ignited an inspiration amongst youth who have always aspired for a change in the society. For the first time, elections were successfully conducted online.